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One of the advantages of the belly dancing weight belts on our site is that they look nice. Another is that they are made with soft weights, so if you drop it on your toe, you aren’t likely to lose a toe nail like you would with a dumb bell. In addition, the weights are removable and the belt is washable.

One of my students is selling her old, sportier looking weight belt to a guy friend and she’s buying one of ours. She likes the more feminine look of the belt.

Uh oh!

We had one customer’s family member mistake it for a similar looking object they had around the house. That object was not a weight belt but a grain-filled heating pad that you put in the microwave. DO NOT PUT THESE BELTS IN YOUR MICROWAVE! The weight packets are made of metal shavings! Her belt and her microwave were both a mess.

Weight belts and Travel

These belts are heavy to carry in your suitcase or carry-on bags. I recommend you wear it on your hips. You will have to show it to the security team, but just explain it to them. They are always very nice to me about it. I found even sitting with it on the plane and walking around the airport is a good idea. It pulls on my lower back a little bit and I feel pretty good when I get off the plane at the end of my journey. Usually, I feel pretty cramped up after a long trip. Interesting!

You go girl!

Victoria wears her belt while she uses her treadmill and works her arms with a pair of dumb bells or wrist weights at the same time. She says it’s the best work out she has encountered to date!

Additional Weight Belt Exercises

We have found many additional uses for these belts in the last few months since they have become available. They range from 8 to 14 pounds and represent a minor weight workout. The object is to subtly challenge your physical activity but not to overwhelm it.


Without a personal consultation, Visionary Dance Productions cannot know the physical skill or capacity of any of its readers and therefore cannot take any responsibility regarding how you might use this information. These are exercises described by Delilah and her students and you must take full responsibility for yourself if you attempt any of these on your own without a physical trainer present to advise you.


Warm up thoroughly before doing any of these exercises and proceed with sensible caution so you don’t overwhelm yourself or pull any muscles. Drink plenty of water, breath deeply and fully, and stay mindfully connected to your movements as opposed to mindless repetitions. Also work slowly and do not overdo any movements. If it hurts, don’t do it!

For stronger legs and hip articulation, stamina and development of core body balance strength and endurance:

  1. Wear the weight belt on your hips and methodically practice bellydance hip combination patterns and shimmies.
  2. Dance your entire routine while wearing the belt.
  3. Wear the belt on either your hips or your waist. Then walk or climb stairs for 20 to 45 minutes.
For increasing upper body strength and balance.
  1. Wear the weights around your neck and shoulders and walk, climb stairs, spin or dance.
Hold the belt over your head in each hand and try these exercises
A. Slowly rotate your hands in a circle overhead
B. Lean right and then left. Stand tall and push up into the weights through the palms of your hands.
C. Hold the belt behind you and lift the belt up overhead and return
D. Hold the belt in front and lift the belt up overhead and return
E. Rotate the belt in a large circle in front of your body
Waistline work
  1. Coil the belt around your right hand and hold the belt down at your side. Put your left hand behind your head and do side stretches to the left. Repeat on the other side.
  2. Coil the belt in the right hand and hold over head then bring your right elbow down as you lift your left knee to meet it in front of your belly. Look forward and keep your body straight. After doing 10-12 repetitions repeat on the left side of your body.

Wrist, hand and arm articulations:

  1. Take a one-pound weight out of the belt and hold it loosely in the palm of your hand while practicing the hour glass movement as described for lotus hands on Absolute Beginning Bellydance. This will help you form the movement with more control and keep the palm of your hand facing the ceiling.
  2. Try 1, 2 or 3 weights in each hand and practice the series of movement called Kali's arms. These movements also employ the hourglass concept, and are part of the candle dance.
  3. Hold a weight in each of your hands above your heart while dancing.
  4. The weight belt can be used as any 10-lb dumbbell would be used to increase arm muscle strength. Exercises involving reaches, lifts, curls, presses and crossing over the front of the body.

Thigh, back and core body strengthening exercise:

While on bent knees, keeping a straight line from knees up through your body, recline back and return to upright. This movement is controlled in the thighs. Begin in small intervals until you gain strength day by day. Eventually you can go all the way into a back bend. (See Volume III of Delilah's Bellydance Workshop for demonstrations of back bends). To increase the exercises’ difficulty, try draping the belt across your belly, chest or shoulders and do repetitions.

Belly muscles and belly rolls. (See Volume III for more belly roll articulations and exercises and our Belly Dancing Video Clips page for coin tricks.)

  1. Lay down on the floor and cross your ankles. Lay the belt across your belly. With your lower back pressed against the floor, press up and down with your belly muscles in a controlled manner. You can lay it lengthwise or across the belly. Practice belly rolls and undulations with the increased weight and feel the articulation build over time. Be creative in designing your own exercises.
  2. Take a one-pound weight out of the belt and try rolling it up and down your belly and flipping it into the air in the same way Delilah demonstrates rolling and flipping a coin on Volume lll of Delilah’s Bellydance Workshop.

Use of the belt in conjunction with other activities

Yoga stretches, house work, gardening, racketball, all forms of dance, tai chi, office work, and more!

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