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Weight Belts

Delilah has researched and made arrangements to have
belts especially made to meet bellydancers' needs!

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Read Delilah's Belly Dancing Exercise Tips using these weight belts

These belts are designed for even distribution of weight. They start at 8 pounds and go up to 14 pounds. This means the larger you are the more weight you can carry in proportion to your size. The belt is made with 1 pound packets that can be removed. They are washable soft and more feminine looking than other athletic weight belts and are perfect for our bellydance needs!.

Delilah’s Use for Bellydance Training

I secure the belt on or just above hips. Then I bend my knees to engage leg muscles and properly support weight from under the torso. I keep my arms lifted out to the sides for upper body balance and control. Slowly and methodically I work through my repertoire of hip moves: hip circles, figure 8s, shimmies, walks, slides, lifts, drops, twists. I start with 10 minutes per day if I haven’t been using it on a daily basis. I see much more results if I carefully visualize the movements as I practice them, rather than doing mindless repetitions.

I start out with movements that are simple at first and as I gain strength and control by daily practice I increase the range of my movements and length of time using the weights. The theory is to work the muscles a bit harder to increase your muscles’ memory in the hips, back, waist and legs. You are working a little bit harder by the addition of the weight. When the weight is removed your muscles still retain the strength and memory of the workout and with practice the movement becomes part of your natural range of coordination and your isolation and articulation is enhanced.

I find that when I hold the weight in my hands in front of my body it feels like a lot of weight but when I strap it around my hips I quickly forget I’ve added any weight because my body quickly incorporates it into my frame.

I bought my first weight belt with the purpose in mind of bellydance training. However it was sold to me (back in 1975) in the athletic supply store as “the business man’s way to trim down the waist line while on the job”. The brochure said just wearing these around all day doing the normal range of movements would strengthen the abdominals and you would even loose inches. I have to say the claim was true for me. I was a hair dresser and wore the belt around the shop and I did trim my waist line. When I took it off if was like getting an injection of vitamin B. I got a bust of energy! It was if I had just lost 10 pounds! Oh I guess that’s what I did!

Cost plus shipping

#530 Small Weight Belt fits up to 28”
8 pockets for 8 lb weight set; $59.95
#531 Medium Weight Belt fits up to 35”
10 pockets for 10 lb weight set; $65.95
#532 Large Weight belt fits up to 40”
12 pockets for 12 lbs weight set; $68.95
#533 X Large Weight Belt fits up to 50”
14 pockets for up to 14 lbs weight set; $71.95

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