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Instruments of Belly Dance Music

Traditional Middle Eastern Instrumentation:

Oud . . .stringed instrument with a large round backed belly and a short curved neck; ancestor of the western lute
Violin . . . bowed stringed instrument
Rebaba. . . string and bow folk instrument
Ney. . . simple reed flute with 7 holes (9 if you count each end)
Kanoon and related family of instruments. . . board of strings plucked or hit with mallets; related to the western dulcimer
Saz . . .stringed instrument with small belly, long neck
Zorna . . .wooden instrument w/ attached reed (a double reed instrument like the oboe); loud and visceral sound
Mizwiz . . .nasal sounding double reed instrument
Dumbek, Darbooka, Tabla . . .Traditional hourglass shaped hand drum; different sizes
Deff or Tar. . . large flat frame drum
Riq. . . smaller drum faced tambourine
Tabel Baladi. . . large bass drum hit with a thin stick on one side and a thicker stick on the other; played standing.

In Near Eastern music like Gypsy, Armenian, Klezmer, and Turkish, you will hear more clarinets, oboes, accordions.

Today, bass guitars, guitars, keyboards and synthesizers are used.

The world is in a process of fusing together cultural voices due to travel and technology. In present day you will hear all instruments used in some capacity in bellydance.

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