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Music for Bellydancers

Beginner Music Recommendations Available at the Bazaar Page or by calling Visionary Dance Productions. Some selections are sold only as a vender table item or are in and out of stock. Please call for details: 206-632-2353.

Beginners music lists and notes

Rhythm of the Dance Rhythm of the Dance. . . .Solace; A must in every new dancer's library! Tracks of all the basic rhythms in the dance.
Essential Rythms Essential Rhythms . . . Uncle Mafufo; You will really know your onions with the help of this tape. Middle Eastern rhythms explained and demonstrated; for dancers and musicians.
Tapestry of the Dance Tapestry of the Dance. . . .John Belizikian; Beautiful, multi-cultural; great routine, beautifully produced.
Tales of the Night Wind Tales of the Night Wind . . . Steven Flynn; These are basic rhythms (used in Delilah's Bellydance Workshops Volumes I, II & III) put to original compositions with contemporary flare
Sirocco Sirocco Volume 1 & 2. . .Sirocco; Both are very different. Volume 1 is country tribal sound and Volume 2 is a folksy cabaret routine
Near East Near East Rhythms. . .Ishmael and Vince Delgado; kanoon and drum. Exceptional album. This album makes you vibrate. Makes your environment feel like an Ottoman palace.

Inspirational music

Rapture Rumi Rapture Rumi. . .Steven Flynn
Songs of Isis Songs of Isis . . .Ani Williams
George Lammam

From Weleleh and Melodic Musings. . . George Lammam

Shawasa Shawasa. . .Solace

Dream Dancer . . . Light Rain

Gathering Season. . . Solace

Challenging Rhythms and Compositions

Rapture Rumi Rapture Rumi. . .Steven Flynn
Welcome to the Dance Welcome to the Dance. . .Steven Flynn
Ahsas Ahsas. . .Solace
Barbary Coast Barbary Coast.. . Salah


Where Africa Meets the Orient . . .Amel & Salah; I use the first cut, 2000 Wishes on Your Wedding Day (sung in English and Nubian), for weddings and wedding showers.


Eye on the World Eye on the World. . .Brothers of the Baladi
Shawasa Shawasa. . . Solace
Nuba Laylit Shibbet . . .Nuba & Sirocco
Sirocco II Sirocco II. . .Sirocco
Near East Near East Rhythms. . .Ishmael
Rapture Rumi Rapture Rumi. . .Steven Flynn

    Many of these recordings are available at the Bazaar Page or by calling Visionary Dance Productions, 206-632-2353.

A Companion to Absolute Beginning Bellydance with Delilah


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