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Great Shakes:
Herstoric Costumes For Sale Embued with Good Vibrations

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Black and Silver

Black Costume Black Costume
Black Costume

This costume has good lines and bright silver contrasts. Vest and skirt made by Aziza and previously worn (but barely). Bra and sash are brand new. The various parts of this costume easily can be mixed and matched with different colored bras and belts to create amazing wardrobe versatility.
Price $325.00 plus shipping
• Bra size 36C, however a 34B works fine
• Vest with sleeves fits M to L plus
• Coin hip sash
• Two-panel opaque skirt (may be worn alone or with under-skirt)
• Full circle under-skirt with elastic waist; One size.
• Extra black and silver hip scarf for head drape, as shown, an additional $40

Brown, Green and Coral Cabaret Costume

Brown Costume
Brown Costume Brown Costume

Worn only a few times by Delilah. Elaborately made by Pharonics of Egypt. An especially nice design with fabulous beaded detailing. Wonderful skirt line that hugs your hips and flairs at your feet. It ’s an earth mother goddess inspired cabaret costume. It looks earthy and dewy. Reminds you of a sun-lit forest. The lycra base color is warm brown, with moss green, coral, and beige sequins swirling around crystal jewels. The waist strap lifts asymmetrically off the hip and can be made to spiral around your body or simply fasten around the waist like a belt.
Price $875.00 plus shipping

• Bra with short, beaded sleeves Size 36 B-C
• Skirt with built in belt; medium stretch
• Two ankle bands
• Headband
• Kick pleat (optional detail)
• Veil

Cowrie Shell Bellydance Bra and Belt set

Cowrie CostumeCowrie Costume

Fit for a Sea Goddess. Originally made by Aziza of California and worn by Delilah, maybe 4 or 5 times. Skirt not included
Price $290.00 plus shipping

• Bra size 34 B-C
• Belt
• Arm bands
• Headband

Gold and Coral Bra and Belt Set

Coral CostumeCoral Costume

Coral Costume

Simple and Elegant. This costume is a Vicky Horiuchi original. An American designer famous for color and bead designs as well as her ability to make the most comfortable and breathable beaded bras of all time. She employs a labor-intensive technique of stretching the fabric as she beads retaining the elastic quality. Worn by Delilah on the Delilah &Sirocco Live and Wild video. This is one of Delilah's favorites. It’s been well used (seen a lot of nightclubs) and rebeaded once. Still a gem! (skirt not included) Delilah will autograph the lining and include the video. $1,000.00 plus shipping
• Bra size 34 B
• Belt size medium, somewhat adjustable.
• Headband
• 1 arm band
• Delilah and Sirocco; Live and Wild video

Enchanting Gypsy

Web Club Special . . . Mention the “Web Club Special” when you purchase an Enchantress Dress and receive a free hip scarf!

Worship Dress

This is the same dress found on our Main page and in our Bellydance Bazaar called the Worship Dress. Reminiscent of the drawings of Gawazii dancers of the Orientalist era and at the same time a Spanish Gypsy out of the Renaissance. Easy to go to a bellydance night club and get up and do an impromptu guest solo up on stage. The full circle skirt begs to be danced in. The black bodice is stretch velour so it ’s easy to fit. This dress looks good on small women as well as larger women.Can be worn as a beautiful Holiday dress without the hip scarf. Call for colors; Arabian Blue, Purple, Orchid, Cranberry, Forest, Fire, Brown, Burgundy and others
Price: Dress $250.00 plus shipping, Hip scarf free ($45 value) with purchase for Web Club members, please mention this special when ordering. Corsets not shown $149 (only a few left).

A few left in sizes S-M-L-XL-XXL

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We're looking for costumes with good vibrations . . .
worn by popular dancers

If you'd like Delilah to host a costume for sale, please E-mail or call 206-632-2353

These costumes previously owned by the fabulous Sabura

Two Matching costumes for 2 Petite Dancers

purple costumebelly dance costumecostume detail

These costumes were worn twice by two amazing pint-size award-winning dynamo dancers! The steller Tina Sargent and awe inspiring Sabura have not only filled these gowns with fabulous vibrations, but, they designed and hand beaded them too!
— Delilah

Dress: a deep purple-blue silk beaded gown, size 4
Belt (designed and hand-beaded/sequinned by Sabura and Tina Sargent) with seed-bead fringe
Gauntlets to match

Additional notes:
Dress is Store-bought Stenay label, 100% Silk made in India. Belt fits upper hip measurement of 33" (It sits on the upper hip (Turkish style). Dress length originally fit someone 5' 5". Dress hem was turned under and tacked, to fit 5'1'', but
could easily be let down again.

Price: $375 individually
$650 for the pair, plus shipping

SOLDSilver and Gold Showstopper

This silver and gold costume was custom-made for me by Showstopper, and has been one of my favorites. The fringe starts as gold and changes to silver, ending in either gold beads or coins. The bra fits 32-34 B or C, and the belt measures 34" upper hip and 36" lower hip. It goes with almost any skirt or veil. Some of the beads on the bra that contact the skin (mostly on the small belly drape) have lost some of their silver, but I still get compliments anytime I've worn it
Price: $270 plus shipping

Sabura Showstopper Costumebelly dancing costumebelly dancing costume

Pink & Silver Flower Costume

The pink and silver flower and pearl costume is very delicate and feminine. I elasticized the belt and bra, to make them smaller, but if the elastic were removed, the upper hip measurement of the belt would be 35" (now 32" but stretchable to 35") and the bra fits 32 A, B, or C (depending on padding). There are a few accessories (wristlets, necklace, earrings, strands of extra pink pearls). I have a pale pink silk veil for sale that matches the costume. “
Price: $160 plus shipping
2 & 3/4 yard Pink Silk veil: $20

Iridescent Bra and Belt

Sabura Costume IridescentBelly dancing costume

pearl costumeThis iridescent beaded costume was handcrafted with a lot of detail and texture by a petite Seattle dancer who retired in the 80s. The clear beads are wonderfully iridescent. I restructured the bra fringe, so that it hangs in a beautiful shape over the shoulders and upper back. The bra is 32-34 A - C (depending on amount of padding). The upper hip circumference of the belt is 34". It's a little loose on me (and my largest hip measurement — around the butt — is 36"). Sturdy construction!
Skirt not included.
Price: $300.00 plus shipping

pearl costume

More about Sabura

E-mail Delilah for purchase details. . .

SOLDLight Sea Green Complete Costume

Sea Green Costume Sea Green Costume

SOLDLight Sea Green seed beads, pearl, silver bugle beads, sequins diamond and rainbow rhinestones: Egyptian made elaborate design and lavishly beaded and bejeweled.
$899 plus postage and insurance

E-mail Delilah for purchase details.

Beaded and pleated circle cut skirt
Veil: 2 5/8 yard
Beaded crown
Beaded and form-fitting belt with Delilah’s autograph in lining
Beaded bra with elbow length beaded drapes
Beaded ankle band
Extra beads and sequins for repairs
And add to the list a personally autographed copy of The IAMED AWARD Video

Size 36-38 inch hips at upper hip line (where the upper edge of the belt would reside) 36-38 C to D cup

Costume Herstory

Delilah wore this costume as featured dancer in the IAMED Second Annual Academy Awards of Bellydance concert and video release as well as for a Solo performance to Lilit Hob in the Absolute Beginning Bellydance Instructional DVD. It has been worn less than a dozen times.

This costume has been professionally redesigned from the original for more practical dance execution. The sleeves were re-beaded and shortened so they do not tangle across chest as in the original design, making it a one-of-a-kind costume. Bra also was slightly elasticized for more comfort.

SOLDBlue Gold and Pearl Belt and Bra Set

Blue-gold bra and beltblue-gold bra and beltblue-gold bra and belt

Brazilian made, never been worn
$270 plus postage and insurance

E-mail Delilah for purchase details.

Beaded bra 36A-B cup
Beaded belt
Beaded neck band
Nicely designed glass and plastic beads on velvet background

White Gold Costume


White and Gold Bra and Belt Set

Brazilian made, never been worn
$200 plus postage and insurance (save $50)

E-mail Delilah for purchase details.

Beaded bra 36B
Beaded belt
Beaded neck band
Gold trimmed straps, silver and gold glass beads and white pearls on velvet back ground


A Companion to Absolute Beginning Bellydance with Delilah


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