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For The Love of the Enchantress Dress

by Delilah

Note from Delilah, please read: I currently am receiving only the Worship Dresses from the manufacturers. I also have one Lady Briar (S), one pink Slip Dress (S), one white Victoria Skirt and Top (S), and an assortment of corsets. Please see my Current Inventory. If you need further explanation and more details, feel free to call me, Toll Free 1-866-22belly.

Enchantress DressI’ve been wearing these dresses ever since I swore off all my black clothing. I looked around my world one day and realized that there were so many oppressed women in the world that have to wear black. I realized that many women choose to wear black because they think it’s slenderizing. I realized that black clothing reduces us. I realized my black wardrobe was a way of conforming to my insecurities and interfered with expressing my feminine energy. I decided I wanted to be more, not less!

It was a feminine political statement. I decided to personally and symbolically honor all the women of the world who are not as free as we are here in America to wear what we want and express ourselves. And for the many women who have to wear black as a uniform, or a daily custom, or choose to hide behind it out of a necessity because they are not safe. I decided to embrace my inherent Aphrodite energy, be more bold, and seek a life with more color in it! Immediately I discovered the Enchantress Dress line. . . .This is not to say I never wear black. I just use it as an accessory now and try not to hide behind it.

The Dresses

These dresses are very well made. All seams are surged and finished. They are generously fashioned with acres of fabric and details of lace. The satin plackets of eyelets and lacings are a romantic trademark. The bodice comes to a point in the front and in the back of most designs. Each design is given a special title. The Enchantress and the Legend are the longest in the waist. The lace bodices are lined with knit for comfort and breathability. They are made of cotton, rayon and nylon lace, and are expertly, integrally and richly tie-dyed in lush colors. Sometimes they come in solids.

As I’ve been told, these dresses are made at home by a religious woman and her two daughters who live in New Zealand. I heard that in this part of the world it is quite popular to have garden parties, ferry fairs and events where these romantic styles (utilizing lace and lacings and flowing skirts) are quite in keeping. It has given rise to many designers in this genre.

In this line, colors come and go. If you see one you like you had better nab it fast because it may not come around again for some time, if at all. They are all handmade. Over the years I have seen very few solids. Their trademark is their sophisticated tie-dye artistry. It’s tie-dye without the hippy feel, in my opinion. I have seen black and white, but not very often.

Note: Prices may vary in shipments.

May we all embrace our Aphrodite energies!

Individual Dress Descriptions

The Jezebel - $229

This style has a very full circle skirt, and is sleeveless. It has a lace fitted bodice to the waist, and low back with a satin placket of eyelet lacings from tailbone to mid back (it measures about 8 1/2 inches with 6 pairs of eyelets — a nice detail).

Accessories: I wear it all year long. In winter or on cool nights, I add one of those midriff sweaters available at dance shops or a vest over the top and layering silk circle skirts underneath for added warmth, body and flare. The silk even keeps me cool in the summer. I find the silk skirts in thrift stores for $5. They were very popular about 7 years ago and come in all sorts of colors.

Note on sizing and fit: The top fits well. It has a nice shape and is lined with a stretch knit beneath the lace. It creates a shelf for the bust, but the back is low, so bras don’t work with this dress. There is a ribbon that ties at the top of the shoulders so they never slip down, another pretty detail. The Jezebels I own are mediums. I’m 5’5 and 140 pounds — usually a size 9-10-11 with a B cup size. Having never bought a small in my life I never tried on a small Jezebel until recently. The next time I buy a Jezebel, I think I’ll try a small.

The Enchantress — $249

This style also has a very full circle skirt again. Cut low in the front and back, it has a longer fitted lace bodice than the Jezebel which comes to a point in front and back a few inches above the pubic bone. It laces up both sides, as well (9 rows of eyelets in front, 8 in back — the placket of eyelets measures about 14 inches from breast bone down the front). It has fitted sleeves to the elbow that fall into a long oval lace drape measuring 15 inches at the longest point. This style is very beautiful .

Accessories: The Enchantress is the hallmark of the line. I wear mine with a long bell sleeved velvet waste coat. The coat is low necked and has 18 tiny buttons down the front and then falls open to a princess line mid-length skirt. This really works well with the lines of all the full circle cut dresses.

Note on Sizing: As my proportions were stated above, I am definitely a medium. With the low scoop front and back, a large would fall off my shoulders and a small is too tight across the bust. Bras work well with this garment.

Renovation: I cut an Arabian Blue Enchantress in half to make a two piece bare midriff outfit. Once it was cut I dropped the lower half further onto the hips to create a hip hugging skirt that laced front and back. The top turned into a gypsy midriff bra with laces front and back and don’t forget the gorgeous sleeves. It turned out very cool and perfect for bellydancing at Renaissance fairs and middle eastern festivals. This same idea would also work nicely with the Worship dress and the Legend dress.

The Legend — $239

This dress also has a full circle skirt, is sleeveless and features a lace fitted bodice with a piece of fabric matching the skirt gathered and inset at the bust. It laces high up the back, however it can be worn backward for those who are not too busty. I wear mine backward all the time. I get to choose, so it feels like I have two dresses in one.

Note on Sizing: I own a medium and a large. While I notice a difference I don’t seem to care one way or the other. Bras may be worn easily with this dress.

The Worship — $249

This style has yet another full circle skirt and features fitted lace sleeves to the elbow which then open into a fabulous four corner cut off the elbow drape that measures 11-12 inches long trimmed usually in black lace*. The bodice is made of rich black stretch velvet . The velvet cuts out under the bust for an insert of the skirt fabric and complementary lace. Black ribbon is woven back and forth across the bust for another romantic touch (I’ve seen people wear them arranged differently). This is a very slenderizing dress with a very bewitching glamour to it. Most likely because of the black details.

*Note on sleeves of the the Enchantress and the Worship: These dresses demand lady like behavior. They are very beautiful but can be awkward when cooking or hostessing. At these occasions I just tuck them up into the elbows with ease until I am ready to greet my guests. There is a strand of elastic tailored in at the elbow that makes this possible.

The Pirate Dress — $249

This dress is similar to the Worship dress in how it utilizes black velvet at the bodice and scoops under the bust. The sleeves and bust are made of the same soft rayon as the full circle skirt. The sleeves are gathered off the shoulder and then gathered at the cuff. You may also push it up to the elbow. Very tavern wench-like!

The Victoria Dress — $298

This one laces up the bodice front and back with ribbon ties. Long lace sleeve that are looser at the wrist. Double layered skirt of complete lace trimmed in more lace. It features a long waist line. The skirt edges are flutted instead of circle cut, so I consider it mid- length. Very feminine and very Victorian.

The Victoria Skirt — $149
and Victoria Top, long sleeves — $139, sleeveless — $125

This is a two piece version of the same idea as the Victoria Dress except it may be more versatile. You can wear the skirt at the waist, or on the hips if you like a bare midriff. Cute! You can wear each with other pieces of your wardrobe.

Accessories: I like to wear a circle cut silk skirt underneath with this one to give it a longer look and sometimes to pick up contrast color highlights. This makes it all the richer!

The Camelot Dress — $395

This is a super deluxe and heavenly version similar to an Enchantress dress. It laces up the front in an hour glass corsetted formation (the Enchantress is more straight laced than this one). It has a second layer of skirting, lace side drapes, as well as a chiffon triangle drape off the shoulders in the back. The sleeve has a lace puff to the middle of your upper arm and then drops to a double sleeve. The inside lace sleeve comes to a point over your hand while the outside sleeve is a heavier bell that drops to a long point toward the ground ala Camelot style! The neck line is open and the sleeves can either be worn up with your bra strap or you can wear a corset beneath and let the sleeves fall romantically off the shoulder. (I have one in Bottle Green and it’s my favorite.) It’s great for Renaissance Fairs, May Day Celebrations, Solstice Feasts and enchanting evenings. Men go wild and women feel beautiful!

The Camelot Wedding Dress — $425

The Camelot Gauntlet — $149

White Lady Briar Wedding Dress — $385

Rich white lace bodice, with a small off the shoulder puff sleeve trimmed in more lace. Low Victorian front ( perfect for a corset underneath). Laces up the front with a very flattering hourglass opening, cut to a low point in front and back lengthens the waist. The skirt is two layers of soft white chiffon on top of linen. Two swags of long lace cloth frame the hips. Sweet and romantic.

Fluted Dress — $219

The shorter fluted dress sometimes comes in amazing solid colors as well as tie dyed colors. It is full, but isn’t circle cut. Rather it’s pieced together into a star cut of 12 points with insets of lace as a detail. It comes to about mid-calf. It’s sleeveless and laces up the front with 5 eyelets. I like to wear this one with a longer silk circle skirt beneath in a complementary color because I like longer skirts but this is a popular dress just the way it is.

Fairy Jacket — $139

Childrens Dresses

Sometimes I see childrens dresses. I gave one to a friend’s 8-year-old daughter who loves it so intently. It’s one of her most favorite and special possessions. I think it was $80.

How can I buy one?
If you are interested, it is best to call me and discuss your size and taste. Sometimes I will sell them at my booths at bellydance festivals, workshops and in class . . . If I know what you are interested in, I can bring what you like and meet you there. I can’t cart them all around, in all sizes, all the time. Sometimes there is really nothing in stock that I think is cool and I’ll say so.

Another option is that I can take a credit card number and personal reference and then I can send some to try on. Of course there are postage charges involved.

Why do I do this?
Because I’m addicted to these dresses. By selling a few I can feed my habit.
Plain and simple.

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