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Dresses for Dancers

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photos by Jerry Johnson

Camelot Dress

Camelot Camelot Camelot

Worship Dress

View a movie:

Vanessa and Christine in Deux Enchantresses,

1.7MB QuickTime Movie

3.4 MB QuickTime Movie

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Worship Dress Worship Worship
Worship Worship Worship Worship
Worship Worship

Victoria Dress

Victoria Victoria Victoria

Enchantress Dress

Enchantress Enchantress Enchantress

The Jezebel Dress

Jezebel Jezebel Jezebel

The Fluted Dress

Fluted Dress

Prices vary, link to current inventory and article for details. Service is prompt! Dresses will be shipped insured/3-day Priority Mail on the following Tuesday or Friday after your order is received.

We are always updating these pages: please check back for more details or call Delilah today, 1-866-22BELLY (866-222-3559).

To Love an Enchantress, article by Delilah

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Man Catcher

An Excuse to Wear a Corset

Movie: Enchantress in motion (1MB)

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