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In the Crystal Ball
Dance Clips

from Delilah's Absolute Beginning Bellydance

Dance clip outline

Opening music Welcome to the Dance, by Steven Flynn
Dance 1: Prayer to Ishtar; music by Steven Flynn. The Full dance appears on the videos Delilah’s Bellydance Workshop Volume III and Dance Delilah Dance.
Dance 2: Double Veil Rose Dance; 2000 Maui, Music by Sirocco
Dance 3: In the Sea Dance; April 2000 Maui, Music by Sirocco
Dance 4: The Blue Enchantress; April 2000 Maui, Music by Sirocco
Dance 5: Fire at the Iao February; 2000 Iao Theater, Music by Sirocco
Dance 6: Red Brazilian; Jan 2001 Maui, Music by Sirocco
Dance 7: Cowery Shell in White; Jan 1998 Maui, Music by Sirocco
Dance 8: Rose Dance 2. . .
Dance 9: Cane Dance, Maui Feb 2000, Music by Sirocco
Dance 10: Blue and Yellow, April 2000, Music by Sirocco

NOTE: Dances highlighted in bold are found in their full version on the DVD with Extra Dance Footage Notes and Stories

Leilet Hob
A full performance

Danced by Delilah, music by Sirocco and written by
Mohammed Abdul Wahab, the Father of Modern Egyptian Song (b.1907-1997)
Article by Habeeb Salloum and Mark Levinson

This song takes us from Cairo’s silver screen to American Middle East night clubs and concert theaters. It has long since been one of Delilah’s favorites and brings back wonderful memories of her dancing at Haji Baba’s in San Diego with the great Antoine Hage on oud or violin. She grew up through her dance career dancing nightly to this beautiful song.

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